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Personal Injury

A lawsuit involving personal injury arises when an individual is injured as a result of another’s negligent or intentional conduct. An individual who has been seriously injured as a result of such conduct will be facing large medical bills and may be unable to work as a result. Often due to these circumstances, an injured individual may, incorrectly, assume that they are unable to afford representation and will attempt to manage their personal injury case on their own. Krakowski Law PLLC works all personal injury cases on a contingency basis (meaning we will not receive any payment unless the case is won through settlement or verdict) because every injured individual deserves a skilled Personal Injury attorney by their side, despite their financial circumstances.

Krakowski Law PLLC is experienced at working closely with the injured individual, the insurance companies, law enforcement, hospitals, and medical providers, in order to maximize monetary recovery for our clients. By promptly investigating each personal injury case, Krakowski Law PLLC is able to assess the liability of each party and hold all the liable parties accountable.

At Krakowski Law PLLC, we are dedicated to continually representing individuals with personal injury lawsuits with one objective in mind: to achieve the best result for our clients. Call Krakowski Law PLLC for your free consultation today.

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